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02/27/2017 ~ Keys Energy Services (KEYS) advises its customers that a helicopter-based survey of the Transmission line (TIELINE) is being conducted throughout KEYS’ service area through Friday, March 3rd, from 8:00A to 4:00P – weather permitting.

KEYS customers should be aware of the helicopter flying near TIELINE poles along US-1 Highway. Additionally, residents are advised to drive safely while this survey is in progress, and keep their focus on the road and not the helicopter flying overhead.

Haverfield Aviation, Inc. was selected as the vendor for this project, at an estimated total cost to KEYS of $71,788.


02/23/2017 ~ The Utility Board awarded a contract for financial consulting services to NewGen Strategies & Solutions, LLC, at their regular meeting on February 22nd.

The contract with NewGen, in the amount of $79,765, will assist Keys Energy Services (KEYS) with: providing a cost of service study, developing processes and procedures for application of overhead costs, developing processes and procedures for customer billable work, and developing processes and procedures for calculating pole attachment fees.

In other business, the Board:

- Approved a resolution honoring the Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) on the occasion of their 75th anniversary. FMEA is a statewide trade association that represents the interests of Florida’s 34 public power communities, including KEYS. FMEA advocates for its members’ interests on a wide variety of state and federal issues.

- Awarded a preferred vendor contract for five vehicle leases for three bucket trucks and two digger derrick trucks (one with a winch) to Altec Capital Services, LLC in the amount of $923,748.

The regular meeting of the Utility Board took place at 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 22nd, in the Board Room of Keys Energy Services’ Service Building, 1001 James Street, Key West


02/16/2017 ~ On February 24, 2017, Keys Energy Services’ (KEYS) Mark M. Garcia, will retire after 33-years of continuous service to the Utility.

Garcia was originally hired in 1983 when the Utility was named City Electric System. During his tenure he worked in the Key West and Stock Island Steam Plant’s where he worked as an Auxiliary Oiler and Fireman, respectively. He also worked within the Customer Programs section prior to completing his career as a Tree Trimmer in the Transmission & Distribution department.

When asked about his most memorable experience at KEYS Garcia said he could not name one, but added that his tenure, “from 1983 to 2017 was the memorable experience.” In discussing the secret to his longevity he attributed it to, “loyalty, liking my job, security, and the friendships I have gained along the way.” In reminiscing about his time at KEYS Garcia said he will miss his work family, past and present, the most.

Garcia and his wife of 26-years, Sabrina, raised their daughters Adriana and Alena in Key West. In retirement Garcia plans to take a week off to rest before beginning a new chapter in his life. After a 33-year career at KEYS, he has earned the right to set his own schedule in the years ahead.


02/09/2017 ~ Since 2014 Keys Energy Services’ (KEYS) crews are protected by the Florida Move Over Act as they work alongside local roads and highways to power paradise.

On July 1, 2014, the Act was amended to include utility service vehicles and sanitation vehicles to the list of public safety vehicles motorists must already slow down or move over for to protect personnel who work on roads and highways. The amendment was written by State of Florida Representative Holly Raschein and passed as part of a larger Florida Transportation bill (HB 7005).

Under the law, motorists are required to:

- Approach law enforcement patrol cars, emergency vehicles, utility service vehicles, sanitation vehicles, and tow trucks/wreckers with caution.

- Change lanes away from public safety vehicles if traveling on a multi-lane roadway and able to move over safely; or

- Slow down while maintaining a safe speed of 20-mph below posted speed limits, being careful not to impede or block the flow of traffic unless otherwise directed by a law enforcement officer.
Violating the Move Over law can result in a fine and points on your license.

Specific provisions of the law can be viewed online at


02/08/2017 ~ Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday for Mylar/metallic balloon sales. Not surprisingly, it is also the same day that utilities across the country experience numerous balloon-related power outages. Since 2010 Keys Energy Services’ (KEYS) customers have 34 power outages directly caused by balloons or kites.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, KEYS reminds its customers that Mylar/metallic balloons which are allowed to drift away can land on power lines and in electrical substations, potentially disrupting the lives of thousands.

KEYS recommends these safety tips for handling Mylar/metallic balloons:

- Keep Mylar/metallic balloons indoors and never release them outside.

- Secure helium-filled balloons with a weight heavy enough to prevent them from drifting away.

- Never tie a balloon to a child’s wrist. If the balloon comes in contact with electricity, the electricity could flow through the balloon to the child, which could cause serious injury or death.

- Never attach metallic streamers/string to a balloon.

- When the celebration is over, puncture the balloon in several places and dispose it to keep it safely away from power lines and electrical equipment. Partially-inflated balloons can easily become airborne.

- Do not attempt to retrieve a balloon, or any object, tangled in power lines. Instead call KEYS at (305) 295-1010 to report the problem.

“Our job is to keep the lights on and we’ll do a better job of that if we can keep Mylar/metallic balloons from contacting our lines,” said Lynne Tejeda, KEYS’ General Manager & CEO. “We ask that our customers show good judgment and never release a Mylar/metallic balloon outside,” she added.

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